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Get to Know Camille

Camille Birdsong is a dedicated journalist currently working and living in New York City as News Associate for NBC News. Driven by her passion for storytelling and writing, she takes pride in providing her community with stories that matter. Camille graduated from Hampton University with B.A. in Journalism with a minor in Leadership Studies. She has worked as a production intern for NBC’s Nightly News, TODAY Show, and the Weekend TODAY Show; as well as the Hampton Roads Messenger and the HBCU Advocate.

Camille worked as a line producer and director for her alma mater's news station. She remains active and engaged in her community as a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. She is also an adult Girl Scout who has volunteered with multiple troops and has provided her expertise to the Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast. Camille spends her downtime shopping, eating with friends, and watching Marvel movies. At the end of the day, Camille remembers to honor God and give Him the glory for the great things He has done in her life.

Professional Highlights

NBC News Associate

As a News Associate, I am a part of a cohort partaking in a yearlong rotational program specializing in news production. I am currently working with TODAY All Day where I work directly with coordinating producers to produce original video content for the 24/7 streaming channel. I also conduct research and gather elements for new & upcoming episodes and series

I have previously worked as a researcher for the TODAY Show where I worked to create and build the production for next day-of-air pieces. I also assisted in producing news content, primarily for the 7 AM & 8 AM hours of the show, including research, conducting interviews, booking editors, and logging footage.

Nightly News with Lester Holt | NBC News

As a production intern, I conducted research and created research packets for stories, and logged and transcribed interviews for producers. I also worked with the Nightly News Digital Team in cutting and editing videos for online and social media platforms.

Weekend TODAY Show | NBC News

As a production intern, I assisted producers with research and gathered content for upcoming segments, including compiling research packets for upcoming Sunday Sitdowns. I compiled different news stories to pitch to producers for segments including Pop Start and Highs & Lows. I also logged and transcribed interviews for producers and recorded music hit times for music cues.

TODAY Show | NBC News

As a production intern, I had multiple responsibilities. I recorded various ISOs and camera angles in Zoom interviews. I also conducted research for upcoming segments and interviews. I logged interviews, news packages, and other content as well as the headlines of the 9 AM show. Additionally, I gathered information of the songs that were used in the show’s opens for music licensing. I searched for UGCs (user generated content) via social media and asked each user for his/her permission to let NBC use their content. Lastly, I helped the producers in the virtual plaza by calling and admitting the participants in the Zoom meeting, correcting their names, and giving advice on proper camera angles and lighting.

WHOV-TV | Hampton University

As a line producer, I collaborated with my executive producers and control room on stacking segments, teases, and elements. I assisted in selecting packages and personnel required for the newscast. I ensured the show was executed properly by communicating with on-air talent, reporters, and associate producers, and editing scripts and videos. 

As the show's director, I monitored the flow of the newscast. I also ensured the team used the correct camera angles, the audio levels were steady, and the correct graphics were displayed. I cued camera changes, video production, graphics, and commercial breaks. 

Her Campus Media

As a writer, I pitched and wrote articles on topics such as news, pop culture, and lifestyle that were published to the Her Campus website. I conducted interviews for profile and feature stories as well. 

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